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8940 Geluwe

272 161 € - 288 427 €

Ce nouveau projet résidentiel propose 28 nouvelles constructions. Vous êtes fan d’architecture contemporaine ou moderne ? Vous préférez habiter une ma ... Want to know more?

122 m² - 149 m²

8940 Geluwe

227 936 € - 267 164 €

Ce nouveau projet résidentiel propose 28 nouvelles constructions. Vous êtes fan d’architecture contemporaine ou moderne ? Vous préférez habiter une ma ... Want to know more?

2 - 3
107 m²

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More info on properties for sale or for rent - Wervik (8940) + Suburbs

116 properties for sale or for rent in Wervik (Ieper / Ypres), a municipality of 43.8 km² in which 18,767 people reside with a lower number of women compared to men (50.2%). The inhabitants are mostly owners (72%) from their homes, they have an average age close to 42 years and their average income is 17,157€ net per year. The households own about 1.2 cars or less than the national average (1.3).

Here is an overview of the most common nationalities:
- 92.8% Belgium
- 3.3% France
- 0.5% Romania
- 0.4% Spain
- 0.4% Portugal
- 0.3% Morocco
- 0.3% Netherlands
- 1.9% Other

Jean, Patrick, Luc, Marc and Johan are the most common first names for men in Wervik and Marie, Maria, Monique, Martine and Carine for women.

In Wervik, the dwellings have on average 5.9 rooms or below the Belgian average (6). In terms of the age of the buildings, the average is around 1953 with this distribution: 91.3% houses and 8.7% apartment buildings.

The different types of buildings are distributed as follows:
- 40.7% houses of the closed type
- 25.1% semi-closed type houses
- 19.6% open type houses, farms, castles
- 8.1% buildings and flat blocks
- 3.8% commercial houses
- 2.6% other types of buildings

73 houses are for sale in the municipality, 6 houses for rent, 32 flats for sale and 5 flats for rent. Here you will find an idea of the price of accommodation in Wervik:
- 244151€ for a house to buy
- 681€ per month for a house to rent
- 302653€ for a flat for sale
- 690€ per month for a flat for rent

The highest price for a house for sale in Wervik is 890000€ and the lowest price is 95000€. In the rental market, the highest price is 760€ monthly for a house while the lowest is 595€. The most expensive flat for sale in Wervik is listed at 1840000€ while the cheapest is listed at 131500€. For rent, the highest monthly rent is 850€ and the cheapest is 550€ listed at

The municipality of Wervik has different companies on its territory, here are the most common areas:
- 92 companies present in "mixed farming"
- 82 firms active in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 51 corporations in the field "joinery installation"
- 44 firms in the domain "electrical installation"
- 42 companies active in "business and other management consultancy activities"
- 38 corporations in the field "landscape service activities"

Living in Wervik, you will not be far from an entrance to the A19 (Kortrijk - Ieper) motorway, which is 4 minutes by car from the centre of the town. An entrance for the A14 / E17 motorway (Antwerpen - Sint-Niklaas - Gent - Kortrijk - (Lille, France)) is also accessible in 14 minutes.

You will have easy access to the following roads in Wervik:
- N8
- N58
- N303
- N311
- N515

For your daily shopping, you will find the following shops: 1 SPAR, 1 LIDL and 1 Carrefour.

For education, the municipality offers 10 nurseries ("'T Wolkje" or "Bengelhoek" for example), 7 nursery schools ("Vrije Basisschool-De Graankorrel-Geluwe" or "Go! Futura - Basisschool Wervik"), 5 primary schools (examples: "Go! Futura - Basisschool Wervik" or "Vrije Basisschool-De Graankorrel-Geluwe") and 4 secondary schools ("Sint-Jozefscollege" or "Go! Futura - Secundair Onderwijs 2de En 3de Graad").

The bus is at your disposal in Wervik with 6 lines such as:
- Bus De Lijn, Line 29: Tienen Station - Tienen Industriepark
- Bus De Lijn, Line 43: Sint-Niklaas - Stekene Hellestraat - Hulst
- Bus De Lijn, Line 69: Waarschoot - Gent Zuid
- Bus De Lijn, Line 84: Hamont - Geel
- Bus TEC, Line 3: Mouscron/Moeskroen - Comines/Komen

The nearest stations to the centre of the town are "Wervik", "Komen / Comines", "Menen / Menin", "Wevelgem", "Tourcoing".

There is no known charging station in the municipality.

In 58 minutes by public transport or 11 minutes by car you can reach the airport "Wevelgem Airport".

The commune has no shared bicycles in its territory at the moment. Wervik has no shared cars on its territory.

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