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55 properties for sale or for rent in Quaregnon (Bergen / Mons), a municipality of 11.2 km² in which 19,007 people reside with a higher proportion of women (51.9%) than men in this municipality. The average age is 40 years, residents are mostly owners (67%) in their own homes and have an average annual net per capita income of 13,860€. There is an average of 1 cars per household is lower than the national average (1.3).

Citizens come from the following countries:
- 85% Belgium
- 9.3% Italy
- 1.5% France
- 1% Turkey
- 0.5% Morocco
- 0.3% Cameroon
- 0.3% Algeria
- 2.1% Other

Michel, Giuseppe, Antonio, Philippe and Jean are the most common first names for men in Quaregnon and Maria, Marie, Nathalie, Martine and Françoise for women.

In general, the accommodation you will find in Quaregnon has 5.8 rooms is lower than the national average (6). The average year of construction of the buildings is 1922 and the dwellings in the municipality are distributed as follows: 95.7% houses and 4.3% apartment buildings.

There are buildings distributed as follows:
- 53.1% houses of the closed type
- 27.4% semi-closed type houses
- 12.3% open type houses, farms, castles
- 4.2% buildings and flat blocks
- 2.7% commercial houses
- 0.3% other types of buildings

There are currently 49 houses for sale in this municipality, 3 houses for rent, 1 flats for sale and 2 flats for rent. Here are the average prices for Quaregnon:
- 149908€ for a house on sale
- 1133€ per month for a rented house
- 140000€ for a flat for sale
- 673€ per month for a flat for rent

The most expensive house currently for sale in Quaregnon is at 390000€ while the cheapest is at 65000€. When renting, the highest rent for a house is 1300€ per month while the lowest is 800€ per month. For a flat, the most expensive for sale in Quaregnon is listed at 140000€ while the cheapest is listed at 140000€. For a rental, the most expensive rent is at 675€ per month and goes down to 670€ per month for the cheapest flat for rent on

Companies in Quaregnon are located in the following sectors:
- 51 corporations active in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 47 corporations active in "restaurants and mobile food service activities"
- 38 corporations active in "construction of residential and non-residential buildings"
- 29 firms active in "sale of cars and light motor vehicles"
- 23 companies in the field "beverage serving activities"
- 19 corporations in the field "retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating"

Living in Quaregnon, you will not be far from an entrance to the A7 / E19 - E42 (Halle - Nivelles - Mons - (Valenciennes, France)) motorway, which is 5 minutes by car from the centre of the town. An entrance for the A15 / E42 motorway (La Louvière - Charleroi - Namur - Liège) is also accessible in 19 minutes.

Access to these roads is easy to Quaregnon:
- N51
- N541
- N545
- N547

The following shops are located in the town: 1 SPAR, 1 Colruyt and 1 Delhaize.

As far as children are concerned, the municipality contains 11 nurseries (example: "C. D." or "Le Jardin Des Doudous"), 13 nursery schools ("Ecole Communale - Groupe Scolaire 3" or "Ecole Communale - Groupe Scolaire 2"), 13 primary schools ("Ecole Fondamentale Communale - Groupe Scolaire 1" or "Ecole Fondamentale Communale - Groupe Scolaire 1" for example) and 2 secondary schools ("Institut Communal D'Enseignement Secondaire" or "Institut Communal D'Enseignement Secondaire").

7 different lines of bus have a stop in the commune of Quaregnon like the following lines:
- Bus TEC, Line 12: Saint-Ghislain - Wasmuël
- Bus TEC, Line 4: Wasmes - Baudour
- Bus TEC, Line 6: Mons - Flénu - Mons
- Bus TEC, Line 9: Mons - Dour

The nearest stations to the centre of the town are "Quaregnon", "Jemappes", "Saint-Ghislain", "Boussu", "Frameries".

There is no known charging station in the municipality.

In 32 minutes by car or 123 minutes by public transport, the nearest airport is Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

At the moment, the commune does not seem to have any shared bicycles available. Quaregnon has no shared cars at the moment.

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