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81 properties for sale or for rent in La Louvière, as which has 80,757 inhabitants in an area of 64.6 km² with more women (51.4%) than men in this agglomeration. The inhabitants are majority ownership (63%) from their homes, they have an average age close to 40 years and their average income is 14,649€ net per year. The households own about 1.1 cars and is therefore below the national average (1.3).

The inhabitants come from these different countries:
- 82.9% Belgium
- 10.7% Italy
- 1.2% France
- 1% Romania
- 0.6% Congo
- 0.4% Morocco
- 0.4% Turkey
- 2.8% Other

Giuseppe, Salvatore, Michel, Jean and Philippe are the first names you will come across the most in La Louvière for men and Maria, Marie, Nathalie, Isabelle and Laura for women.

In general, the accommodation you will find in La Louvière has 5.4 rooms is lower than the national average (6). The average year of construction of the buildings is 1926 and the dwellings in the municipality are distributed as follows: 84.2% houses and 15.8% apartment buildings.

More specifically, here is the breakdown by type of building:
- 46.5% houses of the closed type
- 22.1% semi-closed type houses
- 15.3% buildings and flat blocks
- 12.9% open type houses, farms, castles
- 2.6% commercial houses
- 0.5% other types of buildings

48 houses are for sale in the municipality, 1 houses for rent, 33 flats for sale and 6 flats for rent. The current average prices for La Louvière are as follows:
- 207912€ for a house for sale
- 1100€ monthly for a house for rent
- 192065€ for a flat to buy
- 657€ per month for a flat for rent

The highest price for a house for sale in La Louvière is 1250000€ and the lowest price is 50000€. In the rental market, the highest price is 1100€ monthly for a house while the lowest is 1100€. In La Louvière, the flat for sale at the highest price is at 270663€ while the lowest price is at 70000€. For rentals, the highest price per month is 850€ but drops to 470€ for the cheapest flat for rent on

The municipality of La Louvière has different companies on its territory, here are the most common areas:
- 287 firms active in "hairdressing and other beauty treatment"
- 200 firms in the domain "restaurants and mobile food service activities"
- 166 companies active in "construction of residential and non-residential buildings"
- 89 firms in the domain "electrical installation"
- 89 firms in the domain "accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities/ tax consultancy"
- 85 corporations active in "other specialised construction activities n.e.c."

In La Louvière, you are close to an access to the highway A15 / E42 (La Louvière - Charleroi - Namur - Liège): you will be there in 2 minutes from the centre of La Louvière. An access to the highway A7 / E19 - E42 (Halle - Nivelles - Mons - (Valenciennes, France)) can also be reached in 6 minutes.

In La Louvière, you will also have access to these main roads:
- Rue du Temple
- (Contournement Ouest)
- N27
- N55
- N535

For your daily shopping, you will find the following shops: 7 Carrefour, 5 Delhaize, 2 Trafic, 2 Colruyt, 1 Cora, 1 Louis Delhaize, 1 SPAR, 1 Intermarché and 1 LIDL.

As far as children are concerned, the municipality has 43 nurseries (such as the nursery "Le Coin Des P'Tits Loups" or "S. M."), 48 nursery schools ("Ecole Fondamentale Communale De Jolimont" or "Ecole Maternelle Communale Autonome"), 45 primary schools (e.g. school "Ecole Fondamentale Libre Sacré-Coeur - Soleil Levant" or "Ecole Fondamentale Libre") and 13 secondary schools ("Institut Provincial De Nursing Du Centre" or "Institut D'Enseignement Secondaire Complementaire Catholique - I.e.s.c.a.").

21 lines from bus with a stop in La Louvière, you will find an overview of the lines:
- Bus TEC, Line 134: Jolimont - Soignies
- Bus TEC, Line 136: Anderlues - La Louvière
- Bus TEC, Line 30: Angre - Saint-Ghislain
- Bus TEC, Line 37: Houdeng - La Louvière Sud
- Bus TEC, Line 82: Mons - Trazegnies

The nearest stations to the centre of the town are "La Louvière-Centrum / La Louvière-Centre", "La Louvière-Zuid / La Louvière-Sud", "Bracquegnies", "Manage", "Familleureux".

There is no known charging station in the municipality.

The nearest airport is "Brussels South Charleroi Airport" and is 14 minutes away by car or 23 minutes by public transport.

We are not aware of the existence of shared bicycles in this commune. La Louvière does not offer shared cars.

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