13m² to live comfortably, according to Szymon Hanczar

22/07/2015 - Immovlan.be

He dared to do it! This Polish designer has totally redesigned his 13m² flat in Wroclaw (Poland). Functional, cosy and comfortable. Quite an achievement.

The city of Wroclaw (approx. population 640 000) is the largest city in western Poland, half way between Warsaw, the capital, and Prague (Czech Republic). Homes in this city are relatively small (approx. 25m² on average). 170 new dwellings have even been built near Wroclaw University, the smallest studio flat reaching only 12m².

Szymon Hanczar, himself, has been living in 13m² for years. He wanted to breathe some life back into his studio by completely redesigning it to be functional, cosy, and most of all, comfortable. The result is impressive. Within 13m², the flat comprises a mezzanine bedroom, a kitchenette, a bathroom, a multi-use table, a washing machine, and even storage for a bicycle and a hammock!

Discover all the photos here:

And you? Would you like to live in such a small space, even with such a well thought out layout as this one?

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