Guide of real estate agents in Oostende


Dermul Agence

The agency Dermul Agence is located in Karel Janssenslaan 1. At the moment, Dermul Agence propose 141 properties for sale and 67 properties to rent

Caenen Oostende

The agency Caenen Oostende is located in Vindictivelaan 5. At the moment, Caenen Oostende propose 136 properties for sale and 3 properties to rent Oostende

The agency Oostende is located in Vlaanderenstraat 25. At the moment, Oostende propose 124 properties for sale and 15 properties to rent

Acta Vastgoed nv

The agency Acta Vastgoed nv is located in Leopold I Plein 9. At the moment, Acta Vastgoed nv propose 126 properties for sale and 2 properties to rent

Dewaele | vastgoed met advies

The agency Dewaele | vastgoed met advies is located in Leopold II-Laan 29. At the moment, Dewaele | vastgoed met advies propose 78 properties for sale and 33 properties to rent

Agence Eeckhout

The agency Agence Eeckhout is located in Jozef II-Straat 49. At the moment, Agence Eeckhout propose 106 properties for sale and 1 properties to rent

Immo Dot

The agency Immo Dot is located in Tarwestraat 10. At the moment, Immo Dot propose 90 properties for sale and 6 properties to rent

Immo Geldhof

The agency Immo Geldhof is located in Groentemarkt 1. At the moment, Immo Geldhof propose 41 properties for sale and 0 properties to rent

Jolie Invest

The agency Jolie Invest is located in Zeedijk 158. At the moment, Jolie Invest propose 25 properties for sale and 6 properties to rent

Immo A/van Dosselaer Amalia

The agency Immo A/van Dosselaer Amalia is located in Wittenonnenstraat 67 00.01. At the moment, Immo A/van Dosselaer Amalia propose 27 properties for sale and 0 properties to rent