Guide of real estate agents in Hasselt

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Immo Top Invest

The agency Immo Top Invest is located in Guldensporenplein 4 1.01. At the moment, Immo Top Invest propose 261 properties for sale and 18 properties to rent

Immo Lantmeeters

The agency Immo Lantmeeters is located in Kempische Steenweg 89-2. At the moment, Immo Lantmeeters propose 79 properties for sale and 42 properties to rent

RZK nv

The agency RZK nv is located in Thonissenlaan 96. At the moment, RZK nv propose 29 properties for sale and 8 properties to rent

Boes & Boes residentieel vastgoed

The agency Boes & Boes residentieel vastgoed is located in Ridderstraat 20. At the moment, Boes & Boes residentieel vastgoed propose 25 properties for sale and 8 properties to rent

StepsReal Estate

The agency StepsReal Estate is located in Kempische Kaai 75. At the moment, StepsReal Estate propose 25 properties for sale and 7 properties to rent

Immo Minnaert & Co

The agency Immo Minnaert & Co is located in Sint-truidersteenweg 66. At the moment, Immo Minnaert & Co propose 17 properties for sale and 2 properties to rent

Vastgoed Valkenborgh

The agency Vastgoed Valkenborgh is located in Martelarenlaan 28 A. At the moment, Vastgoed Valkenborgh propose 15 properties for sale and 3 properties to rent

Momentum Vastgoed

The agency Momentum Vastgoed is located in Generaal Lemanstraat 7. At the moment, Momentum Vastgoed propose 16 properties for sale and 1 properties to rent

So Real Bv

The agency So Real Bv is located in Schippersstraat 21. At the moment, So Real Bv propose 13 properties for sale and 0 properties to rent