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887 €
Request address Kardinaal Mercierplein 2
2800 Mechelen Map
Immovlan ref.: VWC93889
Seller's ref.: BE1ws4922


Set your business up for success with a professional office just for you.

Collaboration is the watchword at Regus Kardinaal Mercierplein 2, a buzzing office space that’s far removed from dreary corporate meeting rooms in soulless skyscrapers. Designed by architect Crepain Binst, the four-storey building retains its beautiful Baroque exterior while the inside has been carefully restored with modern co-working in mind. Lots of natural light, built-in ceiling lights and glass portioning feature throughout the property, while the main attraction is undoubtedly the atrium – a stunning glass dome centrepiece, complete with grand wooden staircase.

The building is brilliantly located, a mere five-minute walk from Mechelen Train Station and a mere two minutes from Mechelen Oude Brusselsestraat Bus Station. Those who prefer to drive can leave their vehicle safely in one of the 350 underground spaces at the public Bruul car park directly in front of the building. If time permits, stroll across the Dijle canal to Horlogeriemuseum and admire an array of antique clocks and watches. Or visit Museum Hof Van Busleyden to learn how Burgundian court culture left its mark on modern-day Mechelen.

Create and personalise a perfectly sized environment for a team of 1 employee with 8 sqm of private office space in Spaces Mercier Square . Our small offices are fully serviced, accessible 24/7, and include unlimited coworking access to our business club during business hours. And because we know how quickly business can change, we’ll never ask you to sign your life away – our contract terms are flexible and tailored to your specific needs.

Spaces Private Offices include:

• Access to our global network with thousands of locations worldwide

• Friendly reception and support team

• Secure, business-grade technology and Wi-Fi

• Printers and access to admin support

• Cleaning, utilities and security

• Desk space available by the hour, day or month

• Regular networking and community events

• Easy booking and account management via our app

• Customisable and flexible layouts

• Workspaces that scale up and move with your business

• High-quality ergonomic furniture

• Additional access to 50 sqm of shared workspace

• Pricing starts at 877€

Just so you know: all images shown in this listing are from Spaces locations, but they may not correspond to this specific one.

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Points of interest


There are a variety of supermarkets nearby: "Carrefour Express Mechelen" (4 minutes by foot or 3 minutes by car), "Shop In De Cité" (6 minutes by foot or 3 minutes by car), "Smatch Mechelen" (8 minutes by foot or 3 minutes by car).

Nearby cities

Only 27 minutes are needed to reach Brussels with your car. The city of Antwerp is only 37 minutes away by public transport. It takes about 51 minutes to reach Ghent with your car. In 56 minutes you can reach Charleroi.


There is a nearby preschool and elementary school: "Go! Basisschool Go Shil", 1 minute away by bike.The closest nursery is named "Het Perronneke" and is 1 minute' away by car.If you are looking for a high school, "Go! Busleyden Atheneum-Campus Caputsteen" it is 2 minutes away by foot.

Public transports

There are multiple bus lines close by: De Lijn - 9 - Station - Tivoli - Industrie Noord - Station, De Lijn - 286 - Boom - Willebroek -Mechelen, De Lijn - 287 - Boom - Willebroek - Heindonk - Mechelen with a stop 2 minutes away by foot.


The A1 / E19 (Brussels - Mechelen - Antwerpen - (Breda, Netherlands)) motorway is reachable in 3 minutes.The nearest airport is Brussels Airport and is reachable by car in 15 minutes.Do you have an electric car or plan to have one? The nearest charging station ("Parking Grote Markt") is only 5 minutes’ drive away.A SNCB station ("Mechelen / Malines") is located 2 minutes away by bike, or 3 minutes by car.About 1 minute walk away, you will find the "Cambio - Mercierplein" station.If you appreciate the flexibility offered by renting a bike, you can find the "Blue-Bike - Malines" station at just 5 minutes’ walk away.

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Het Perronneke
290 m  1' 2''
288 m  28''
230 m  3'
254 m  3'
Go! Basisschool Go Shil
324 m  1' 8''
1.3 km  2' 30''
256 m  4'
324 m  4'
Elementary schools
Go! Basisschool Go Shil
324 m  1' 8''
1.3 km  2' 30''
256 m  4'
324 m  4'
High schools
Go! Busleyden Atheneum-Campus Caputsteen
189 m  41''
181 m  26''
136 m  2' 16''
189 m  2' 16''
A1 / E19: Brussels - Mechelen - Antwerpen - (Breda, Netherlands)
2.6 km  2' 49''
De Lijn - 287 - Boom - Willebroek - Heindonk - Mechelen
128 m  1' 32''
De Lijn - 286 - Boom - Willebroek -Mechelen
128 m  1' 32''
De Lijn - 9 - Station - Tivoli - Industrie Noord - Station
128 m  1' 32''
Train stations
Mechelen / Malines
560 m  2' 24''
2.2 km  2' 33''
393 m  5'
431 m  5'
Brussels Airport
19.2 km  1º 4'
20.1 km  15'
14 km  36'
Antwerp International Airport (Deurne)
20.3 km  1º 14'
22.9 km  18'
18.8 km  22'
Charging stations
Parking Grote Markt
3.1 km  5'
Car-sharing system
Cambio - Mercierplein
50 m  14''
27 m  36''
50 m  36''
Bicycle-sharing system
Blue-Bike - Malines
433 m  5'
Carrefour Express Mechelen
324 m  1' 56''
1.8 km  3'
303 m  4'
324 m  4'
Shop In De Cité
506 m  3'
1.8 km  3'
483 m  6'
506 m  6'
Smatch Mechelen
689 m  4'
1.7 km  3'
601 m  8'
689 m  8'

Financial details

887 €
Rental deposit
1 €
Commercial surface
50 m²


State of the property
Fully renovated
Type of heating
Not specified
Air conditioning
Certification - Electrical installation
Not applicable
Certification - Gasoil tank
Not applicable
Flooding area: (information not available) displays the data received from the seller. If some important or obligatory data is missing it is because they were not provided to us.


Av. Louise 65/11 - Elsene
Ref: 39a3087b-f8b6-4b50-8bbe-060f5735a953
Last modification 25/01/2022
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