Advice: Neighbours - Co-owners

Are barbeques permitted on the balcony or terrace of your apartment?

Consult your tenancy agreement or set of building regulations to see if barbeques are allowed on the balcony of your apartment. If, however, nothing is mentioned on the subject, you must ensure that you do not disturb your neighbours when having a barbeque.

Given the spring-like weather of late, you may well want to enjoy a barbeque on the balcony of your apartment. However, are you sure you’re allowed to have one in your building?

Read the building rules and regulations. In many buildings, having a barbeque on your balcony is prohibited. Be sure to consult your tenancy agreement or list of building safety regulations in order to check beforehand. If such a rule prohibiting barbeques is featured on either, you cannot have a barbeque on your terrace or balcony.

No mention of barbeques? If nothing is mentioned in the regulations, you can, in principle, have a barbeque on your terrace. Ensure, however, that you have an electric or charcoal fuelled barbeque. It is best not to use a gas barbeque due to the safety risks that come with using gas. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure that the barbeque is being used safely at all times – fires can, and do, occur as a result of carelessness.

Even if the regulations state that barbeques are permitted, you must not create a nuisance for your neighbours (such as barbeque odours, for example). If this does happen, your neighbours could report you.

Jan ROODHOOFT, lawyer (